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Ethics First ... but includes diversity


Directions: Read each question. And answer honestly to yourself.

1. Knowingly misrepresented a product, service, or financial report?

2. Exaggerated the advantages of a plan in order to receive approval?

3. Failed to cooperate with other areas of your company?

4. Failed to speak up when you felt questionable or unethical practices


5. Failed to address probable cases of discrimination?

6. Been asked to do anything that you believe was unethical or illegal?

a. Did you do it?

b. Did you tell anyone?

7. Asked anyone else to do something unethical or illegal?

8. Been disloyal to your associates?

9. Been disloyal to your company?

10. “Stepped on” another person to get ahead?

11. Been lied to in business?

12. Knowingly lied to your people, your peers, or senior leadership?

13. Cheated at golf?


1. Do you feel that ethics in your society are:

a. Better than ten years ago _________________

b. The same as ten years ago ________________

c. Worse than ten years ago _________________

2. Does your organization have an ethics policy or code in writing? ________________

3. If so, where is it located?

a. Lobby ________________________________

b. Employee handbook ___________________

c. Associate bulletin boards ________________

d. Other ________________________________________________________

4. Do you believe it is strictly enforced? _______________________________

5. Have you terminated anyone in the last year for breaking the policy? ________________

6. When there is a breach in your policy do you tell your people about it? ________________

7. How frequently do you remind your associates about your policy? ________

a. In Writing ________________________________________________________

b. Verbally _________________________________________________________

8. Do you have an ongoing ethical/educational program for your people? ________________

9. Do you feel your immediate supervisor “role models” your policy? _____________________

10. Do you believe that your policy is based on a specific set of values? ___________________

11. Are those values stated anywhere in writing? ________________

12. If so, where is it located?

a. Lobby ________________

b. Employee handbook ________________

c. Associate bulletin boards ________________

d. Other ________________________________________________________

13. Do you believe that your values are clearly integrated into your corporate culture?

14. If someone were to ask your people what your ethics policy or values are, do you believe you would be pleased with their response?

15. Do you have an ethics policy for your suppliers of goods and services? ________________

16. Do you feel you should change your policy in any way? ________________

17. Are you satisfied with your personal example as an ethical leader? ________________


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