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Speaking Engagements

As lean practitioners, we have seen it all.


The wealth of experience we have gathered over the years has been distilled and shared at major events and has had a clear positive impact on how people approach a process.


We are passionate about teaching others in the industry and would love to be at your next event. 

External Publications

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify with Lean First, Then Automate


Five tips for optimizing processes that you may not have considered.

Podcast - Plant Magazine


Factory of the Future

Bloomberg Business

Branded Box

There's a severe shortage of warehouse space in North America, what's going on?

Are You Really Pivoting?


As the pandemic cools down, we are now able to take stock and see the effects of COVID-19 on organizations worldwide.

Plant Magazine (2009-present)

Power of observation: Step back, let it happen

You must often step back, observe and rebalance your resources.

Office Work

Is your Supplier an Asset? Or an Expense?

As an asset, your supplier is part of your operation with a common focus on success. As an expense, the customer is constantly looking for a better and lower price.

Engineer in Laboratory

Build your brand with tools that improve your plants processes

How can you achieve velocity and increase productivity? There are tangible things you can do today.


Organizational First Aid in the Toronto Star

We are grateful for the opportunity to present ourselves to a diverse audience in the Toronto Star.

We look forward to growing and expanding our support to businesses of all sizes.

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Recent Events

Toronto Region Board of Trade

Toronto Board of Trade Kunst.jpg

Recent Events

Toronto Region Board of Trade

Toronto Board of Trade Kunst.jpg
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