Shift Start, Starts Employee Attitude

How many time have we told ourselves “How goes my Monday will define how goes my Week!”

Time for an “attitude adjustment” and this is where some of the methodologies of Lean ruly can make an impact on your Team Member’s attitudes. So let us explore some of the subtle and not so subtle attitude adjusters …

One of the key learnings that I absorbed during my training with Toyota was the importance of standing and observing in the middle of the plant 15 minutes before line start and lingering for 15 minutes after line start .. Why?

In the middle of the plant suspended from the ceiling was a large Andon Board showing all of the occupied work stations. As our Team Members arrived to their stations this was signaled by the respective Andon Light turning green … we desired that our members where in their stations at least 3 minutes prior to line start so they could immerse into the ambiance of their station.

We stood, We observed … we did no action … we observed. As the line started we cast a critical eye at the board to see if any Yellow signals would appear … this meant a Team Member had a concern or an issue that needed resolution … but not imperative enough to force a line stop … we took significant notice of these yellows for further follow-up ….

But heaven forbid should the deadly Red signal appear ... this meant a Team Member had an issue la