When wall space is tight or you need to get information, tools or supplies closer to the operator, using a Mobile Board Frame is an excellent solution.


Universal Mobile Board frame

Assembled from Extruded aluminum with a typical width of 24 inches and  73 inches high.  Used when wall space to mount boards is limited or you wish to have the station situated closer to the operator.   This is also a great product to be used in conjunction with tool shadow boards or as part of a mobile cleaning station.


The boards can be ordered with standard casters or for areas that are dusty or the floors are rough we suggest that you option with the more rugged caster the “Sealed Raceway Caster.


The Takt Sheet mobile frame comes with an additional assembly that will allow for the completed takt sheets to be draped without impacting the other side of the frame.


All our products are infinetly customizable, so if you need anything contact us.

Mobile Board Frame