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Quick and robust tool to create a consistent format of Visual Work Instructions.


This engine creates templates within EXCEL as an installed Micro.  It was designed to be used by people who are not skilled in using EXCEL but are located at the “Centre of Truth” and are the best and most educated to convey and document instructions.


The engine comes with Video instructions and inside has abbreviated features for simplistic use by the user and takes into consideration certain functions that can be a challenge to a novice user … like re-sizing pictures both is size and memory size to not clog your database.  Feature to allow for the quick insertion of lines and shapes … all supported through additional text.  It is easy to make the work-instructions multiple pages in length.


Once completed you will have an electronic copy retained for future reference and will allow you to portray desire process steps in a documented and standard format for all to understand.


Often used to capture the “CURRENT BEST PRACTICE” it also works extremely well to resolve contentious situations like “hand-off” protocols between technology islands.


Since this format is quick to read and understand it is also a great tool for creating Public Announcements and works extremely well in conjunction with our document holders.

Visual Standard Work Instruction