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Optimizing Your Business Processes to Align with the Shift in Consumer Desires

Complimentary to Attend! (limited seating available)

In this Member Workshop with Kunst Solutions, learn how proven methodologies can ensure stability in your organization and how to best optimize processes during and coming out of a potential recession.


While we’re unsure whether we are in, going in, or potentially avoiding a recession, many organizations are seeing a change in their order book and increased nervousness with their customers.

Based on the consumer confidence index, sales will be lax until confidence returns. This will tip into other business sectors to create a general slowing of the economy. Because credit is tightening and no business system can keep pace with the changes in the market, it is more important to focus on cash generation based on process optimization than ever before. Join us in this workshop to hear from experts on proven methodologies to ensure stability to your organization and learn how to manage and optimize your processes during and coming out of a potential recession.


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