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A big part of a successful Lean Implementation is the respect for people. But by providing the respect you need to understand them and also yourself. The combined energy is what will create the culture of your organization.

There are several good personality profiling tools available in the

market that can assist the organization conduct assessments … but first as an

organization you need to determine what kind of culture you desire and then

recruit, retain and recognize towards that template.

Jim Pinto used to write writes regular newsletter and sometimes introduced us to some

abstract views which are always fun and thought provoking and the following is

an excellent example … enjoy,

The human brain has two hemispheres, left and right, connected at the base. Each

hemisphere has unique functions, and the way you use these abilities determines a

large part of your personality and behavior.

By the time humans are two years old, one hemisphere begins to dominate the

decision-making process. The brain processes continue to improve until the age of

about 15. Developing left-brain abilities is the predominant focus in schools and modern


Right-brained people are often misfits. In school, right-brained Albert Einstein was

thought to be stupid. He would skip steps and couldn't explain his answers because his

brain streaked toward the answer so quickly that he lost focus if forced to slow down.

Leonardo Da Vinci, the inventor, scientist and artist was so right-brained that he needed

to hold a mirror up to read his own mirror-image writing.

The left hemisphere is a "serial processor". It specializes in analytical thought and is

responsible for dealing with "hard" facts such as structure, discipline, rules, time

sequences, mathematics, categorizing, logic, rationality, and deductive reasoning. It is

also responsible for details, knowledge, definitions, planning, goals, words, productivity,

efficiency, science, technology, stability and physical activity. It mostly controls the right

side of the body.

The right hemisphere is a "parallel processor" and specializes in "softer" aspects -

intuition, feelings, sensitivity, emotions, daydreaming, visualizing, creativity, color,

spatial awareness, first impressions. It is also responsible for rhythm, spontaneity,

impulsiveness, physical senses, risk-taking, flexibility and variety, learning by

experience, relationships, mysticism, play and sports, humor, motor skills. It mostly

controls the left side of the body.

So, the old belief that left-handed people are more creative does indeed have some

scientific basis.

Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor has been studying brain functions for some years,

and had an opportunity few brain scientists would wish for. One morning, she realized

she was having a massive stroke.

She felt her left-brain functions slip away one by one - speech, movement,

understanding. She studied and remembered every moment.

Follow the video link (below) to watch her powerful story about how our brains define

us and connect us to the world and to one another.

A Brain-Type Test can determine which half of your brain is dominant, and to what

degree. The test has 54 questions and can be done in about 10 minutes. Find out

whether YOU are left- or right-brained.

The interesting point is that you can work to develop the non-dominant side of your

brain, to help "balance" yourself. Take the test.

Video - Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight:

Wiki - Lateralization of brain function:


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