You cannot Lead by doing ….

The average length of your arm is around 30 inches !!!

This becomes an important fact to keep in mind as you work. Naturally your mind will be focused on what is happening at the end of your arm … what are your hands touching or your fingers manipulating … so your eyes become focused on that 30 inch distance from your body.

As a leader it is the natural tendency that if your team experiences a bottleneck you jump in to provide an additional set of hands (yours) as an added resource to reduce or remove the current bottleneck … that 30 inch view hat can most likely be counter-productive. More important as a leader is to step back, observe and re-balance resources.

I learned this lesson early in my career through the guidance of a very smart leader. It was in the days of being a systems application engineer supporting our dealer network west of the Mississippi River. It required a lot of travel and mini-sound bites working, coaching and educating technicians within our dealer network. Of course I was also at that stage in my career where I thought that if I was not constantly moving and showing incredible results I just was not effective … but my return visits to dealers were common and often.