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BAM !! Organizational First Aid Concept Delivers

There are many things related to Covid that I am not going to miss but at the same time Covid did bring us some new daily processes that I hope will stay. I no longer dread making an appointment to see my Doctor regarding an ailment and losing several hours sitting in the waiting area just to be processed in 5 minutes … Now I can enjoy a telephone or virtual appointment with the Doctor with minimal disruption to my day.

Of course, like many I rely on Professor Google and Doctor You-Tube to artificially exponentially increase my intellect level but it will never replace dialogue with experience … I would never conduct open heart surgery by just following the guidance offered by both of those platforms.

This is why we launched Organizational First Aid !

Roger our first participant to Organizational First Aid was the perfect encounter. Roger is a seasoned Lean Practitioner who had been tasked to deploy the methodology of Kamishibai Cards within his facility. He understood the methodology but needed help with the design and content of his board, so he reached out to us. After a brief conversation, we were able to provide him with a concept and then we had a mini-coaching session to assist him with the development and deployment of content.

Roger was free to work on other projects in parallel as this methodology was being crystallized for him by Kunst Solutions™. He avoided having to do extensive research, sourcing of components and ultimately thinking of effective content that would move his journey forward quicker and utilizing acquired proven experience.

Little did Roger realize he became our first success of exactly what we intend to provide to users of Organizational First Aid.

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