Ready to Form, Storm, Norm and Perform?

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel of a post-Covid world, so we need to get ready for yet another society shift. It may not totally revert back to normal, but a shift is going to happen. People who were allowed to work from home will be requested back into the office which can make them happy or sad. Happy to be able to leave the disturbances at home and take a work break - but they will still have to deal with that pet that is now sulking due to lack of constant attention. Cranky kids that no longer are nourished on demand, and of course back into that dreaded routine of commuting to your work environment. Even those that have sustain a routine during the pandemic will be victims of others that adjust to a new routine which will mean they also will have to adjust.

We in essence will be building a new team. Indeed, they may have remained connected via Zoom calls, but that close physical interactions have evaporated. You just cannot select “mute” when inside an active work environment (although perhaps mentally). People are social animals by nature and we need to congregate to chat, discuss, debate, reflect, brainstorm and just be part of a group or team.

As the discussion is started through the media and hope enters our minds of a blissful summer this is a good time to reflect on the various stages of Team development. As you see them occur you do not over-react in a negative manner and understand it is just a normal evolution. Even if they have worked together in the past the gap in time will create an aura of newness.