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Merry Christmas & Happy 2024 !!

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

Just maybe, someday our world will be as peaceful as this.

This is the time of year not to be Lean …

  • Give an extra smile to those you interact with.

  • Say thank you to that tired retail person that helped you select a memory.

  • Buy and donate 2 extra food products that will warm the tummy of a child in March when your Christmas cheer has evaporated.

  • Take an extra helping of your Mom’s signature dish … you deserve it

  • Phone 2 old friends and say hello ... just because.

  • Make a snow angel

  • Read a non-business book

  • Put extra marshmallows in your hot chocolate

  • Snuggle with a loved one

  • Just have fun and enjoy your family and friends

See you in 2024 ...


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