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Survived the Brink of the Pandemic destruction only to be Thrust into the Turbulence of Inflation.

During a recent session with our Life Coach, I commented that it seemed like many organizations and people were functioning in a Zombie Trance. It seemed like they cannot shake off this trance which is understandable after surviving bring on the brink destruction as a result of the pandemic only to then be thrown into washing machine turbulence of inflation ... When will we get a break?

Organizations have become like turtles retracting into their shells just barely doing what is required to continue with little to no passion to improve.

Chris offered me the following explanation, which makes sense ...

Good morning, Richard and Mariela,

I will address the fact that your clients have identified as “a rarely getting beyond that top left quadrant”. They are identifying likely the most significant issue keeping their company stuck. From a Time Management perspective, spending about 80% (or more) of their time dealing with crises is referred to in organizational psychology as a SURVIVING BUT NOT THRIVING approach to business AND in mindset growth.

People in all types of professions and organizations need to identify, challenge and change their old (pre-COVID) thinking and limited belief systems, into something that focuses on “quick wins.” What has emerged in 3 years now is an increasingly greater reliance to be “safe” and continue with set, fixed and rigid mindsets and limiting beliefs. And they don’t take anybody to a more flexible and creative place. Just more stuck and more crisis.


Yup, we see it in a majority of cases, but there are a few that have managed to shake off this phenomenon and by gosh they are thriving.

The matrix Chris was referring to in his response is below in case you want to do your own assessment, no sense cheating, you will only be fooling yourself.

Of course, once you have completed the assessment you need to invoke a corrective action to spur an Attitude Adjustment.

This is something you can do perhaps while lingering on your latest Zoom or Teams call. I challenge you to post your Time Management corrective Action close to your desk and look at it frequently ... as you improving?


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