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Habits of Successful Teams & simple Meeting Etiquette's

Teams migrate through Forming, Storming, Norming and finally performing but they need more.

Clear Team Goal - What is the purpose of this team? What do we need to do specifically to achieve this goal? How will we measure our progress towards this goal?

Clarity around Roles/Responsibility/Authority - What is the role, responsibility and level of authority for every member of this team?

Clearly Established Ground-rules- What values are important to us as a group? How do we want to work together? What is acceptable and what is not?

Well Defined Decision Making Procedures - What is our decision making process? Should everyone have a voice in decision making?

Defined Process for Resolving Conflicts - How will we resolve conflicts within the team?

Use of Scientific Approach - What systematic approach will use for determining root cause and problem solving? What statistical tools will we use?

Clarity Around Consequences - What are the rewards if we succeed? What are the consequences if we fail?

Can you follow some of these basic meeting etiquette's ?

Sample - Code of Conduct/Cooperation for Meeting Participants

• Always be on time

•Come to the meeting prepared

•Listen to and show respect for the views of other members

•No ideas or questions are stupid; the only stupid ideas or questions are the ones not voiced

•Criticize ideas not people

• Resolve conflicts constructively

•Pay attention and avoid interrupting the speaker or engaging in disruptive side conversations

Sample - Code of Conduct/Cooperation for Meeting Participants

•Stay on topic

•Be totally open to all ideas and suggestions from any source

•Don’t jump to conclusions— find causes first

•Carry out commitments/action items on time

•You are responsible to catch up if you miss a meeting

•Every participant is responsible for the team’s progress/success


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