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KAIZEN is not Random

As organizations evolve to identify and implement the perfect process they migrate through a series of kaizen activities. Although often placed under the banner of Lean it truly is the migration from Batch to JIT to Jidoka. The following indicates the progressive steps of process evolution;

1.Process Flow


3.Set-Up Reduction


5.Purchase Parts Management

6.Ordering System

7.Production Instruction

8.Multi-Process Handling & Standardized Work

9.Visual Control & In Process Control

The three main types of Kaizen (and many derivatives) revolve around the method of




Manpower Related Kaizen attributes include;

•Time Study

•Motion Analysis

•Work Element Analysis

•Standardized Work & Kaizen

•Daily Report-Outs & Stand-Up meetings

Material Related Kaizen

Typically most organizations use standard Value Stream Mapping based on Mike Roether’s book “Learning to See” to identify opportunities to improve flow which can incorporate the following

•Takt Time

•Flow – Material & Information