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Organizational First Aid, Coaching Top Skills Companies Seek from their Coaches.

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

The collective knowledge from real-world business experience, especially at the executive level, is extremely valuable to companies working to build a profitable business, as the insights from people who have been there, done that has proven to be instrumental in helping Business Leaders overcome obstacles or venture into new areas of business.

When companies turn to outside counsel to provide guidance and a new perspective, they seek advisors with the expertise and skills that align with their current needs. Although no two companies are the same, and the requirements of an ideal Coach vary from company to company, most companies experience many of the same ebbs and flows that come with running a business. As a result, many seek Coaches with the same particular set of skills.

So, what are some of the key quality’s companies look for in Coaches? According to a survey from Advisory Cloud’s database of companies in North America, companies are drawn to advisors who can contribute to overall growth in the following areas.

37% of companies revealed that their ideal advisor has strong marketing skills.

Considering that the majority of companies seeking advisors are startups and small to mid-sized companies, investing in marketing is a natural first step. By this stage, entrepreneurs have already turned their visions into a viable product and are now looking for ways to profitably grow their company. Marketing, which encompasses everything from market research and data analysis to SEO and lead generation, plays a vital role in bringing products to market and influencing consumer behavior.

In fact, 47% of B2B buyers consume three to five pieces of content before engaging with a salesperson. Website, social media accounts, blog articles, and case studies are all necessary touchpoints in steering consumers toward the belief that they need this particular product.

Our experience is not strong in the area of Marketing but we are Operational focused. We can coach you through a disciplined Product/Service launch protocol to insure a flawless launch and verifying that you will provide a thrill that the “Customer is willing to Pay For”!

17% of companies want advisors with a focus on networking.

The second most desired quality in an advisor is strong networking skills. Effective networking can open the door to numerous new opportunities for a business, particularly in establishing partnerships, securing investors, and hiring talented employees.

But Leaders aren’t necessarily expecting their Coaches to simply hand deliver a list of referrals. Instead, they are relying on Coaches to evaluate current and future business opportunities and decide where certain connections can be beneficial to both parties involved.

In our experience a Lean Practitioner is Not always a Lean Practitioner. You need a different type of practitioner when starting your journey than when you already have a mature Lean Culture. We have been fortunate and blessed to have mentored and coached several amazing Lean Practitioners.

13% of companies seek advisors who are exceptional deal makers.

Deal making is the second most likely strategic action for a new Leader to participate in, yet many Leaders have little to no experience in these areas. To help prepare and execute complicated transactions, companies turn to advisors with expertise in mergers, acquisitions, divestments, and strategic partnerships.

Relationships with your strategic Supply community, when viewed as your “Hidden Factory” and become a significant Strategic Differentiator to them and ultimately to your organization.

12% of companies want Coaches who can play the role of an executive with Rational Thinking.

While some advisors are hired to support specific initiatives, many Leaders hire advisors to serve as their individual mentor, or coach. This type of relationship allows a CEO to brainstorm with, and receive unbiased feedback from a fellow executive outside their organization. This is particularly beneficial to first time CEOs.

8% of companies prioritize advisors with expertise in long-term planning.

Long-term planning is essential for any company that hopes to be the one in three businesses that reach the 10-year mark. Too often companies focus solely on their day-to-day operations that they fail to adequately plan for the future. As a Coach we specialize in long-term planning can help companies develop strategies for navigating future business cycles.

These are just a few skills in a long list of valuable attributes sought for by companies. In the end, companies seek Coaches who can enhance its leadership team’s decision-making process and impact corporate initiatives in a way that drives profitability - regardless of what industry or field they come from.

With Organizational First Aid we can provide coaching at any level of Leadership within your organization or beyond - even deep into your Supply Chain as an impartial third party with only our passion for success.

If you're ready to take your organization to another level or just want comfort in knowing that you can access a trusted additional resource, our Organizational First Aid service is perfect for you. Schedule your Free Trial consult at Organizational First Aid today. While you there start browsing other aspects of our website to see how else we can help.

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