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Nope!!! You do not need Organizational First Aid

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Really and actually you do but you just have not yet realized it yet.

Ask any Chef who prepares the best meal? The unanimous response will be "me".

As a Lean Practitioner or Leader you may feel you have all of the answers. Of course you do. You have years of job skill and experience. You are a visible leader in your organization and heaven forbid that you would show vulnerability. I personally did fit that model until I encountered a couple of revelations.

It started a couple of years ago while watch a Bell Media interview regarding "Let's Talk". For those unfamiliar, it has become a popular news cycle regarding Mental Health. They were interviewing the Fire Chief of Hamilton, an individual that we would look as an icon of being strong and offering support to those facing grief most likely resulting from a loss due to a fire. Not only a true First-Responder but also a leader of many First-Responders. He would be the last person I would expect to show vulnerability.

So imagine my surprise that he shared that although he spent a considerable amount of time counseling as a councilor he also needed a councilor to help him remain grounded. Interesting I thought.

I am now willing to admit that Mariela and I connect with our life coach on a monthly basis. Do we think we need a life coach? No! However, do we benefit from our monthly discussion? You bet! Do we have an agenda going into our meeting ... seldom.

Our typically conversation starts with Chris asking "what's happening?" and our rambling begins of our triumphs, our set-backs and current challenges. Inevitably Chris will hone in on a specific item and inject some rationalization, calmness or confirmation.

No, we don't think we need to meet with Chris every month and often want to cancel our appointment at the last minute. But after every session we walk away feeling better and more committed to our action plan. So we are now committed to making every appointment.

So do you need Organizational First Aid? Probably not, but you will benefit just by taking time to pause, reflect, regroup and get energy to move forward.

Latching onto Organizational First Aid means you are not alone on your journey, you now can have someone to share your victories, concerns or thoughts.

Our hope by offering Organizational First Aid is that you will not feel guilty of showing vulnerability. You may even allow us to give you an idea that could make not only your life but your organization better!

It may be nothing more than your annual visit to your Doctor to ensure that you are still healthy. Try Organizational First Aid, expect nothing and perhaps you may find your pot of gold.

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