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What is your Priority?

"Business leaders have a lot of competing interests vying for their time. When you’re dealing with a million moving parts each day, you learn to become a master of the pivot, constantly adapting as circumstances change. Nonetheless, determining which priorities to focus on at any given moment can still be a huge challenge" - Forbes 11 Ways For Business Leaders To Better Establish Priorities.

As the article reads, one of your most critical responsibilities as a leader is to determine what the top priorities are for both the company and yourself in executing the business strategy. How does one stay focused on the big picture when you’re being pulled in myriad directions? While many suggestions are provided all boil down to having a "Game Plan".


When the instructions are vague, task suddenly seem large and overwhelming. When you break down a large, daunting task into small, bite-sized pieces, not only do you feel more confident about doing it, you’re also more likely to actually do the task.

Creating a game plan also shows yourself exactly how you can accomplish your goal. The game-plan you create is specifically tailored to your organization. By breaking down your goal into small steps based on where you are right now, you’re showing yourself and the team the exact steps you’ll take to achieve your organizational goals.

It’s really difficult to estimate the time a single big goal is going to take. But, small actionable tasks are much easier to plan for.

We have developed a Tutorial Guide

So you can create your Game Plan

  1. That binds all team members to a common goal.

  2. Where Everybody is aware of the path to reach the goal.

  3. Which allows each team member to know what their role is and what is expected of them.

  4. That allows you calculate what your required resources are.

  5. Gives you the framework to train role players for their expected duties

  6. That can measure your deliverables

What is this Tutorial About?

  • Learning how to start with the "end in mind". Dream big!

  • Establishing goalposts | Setting milestones.

  • Setting time-frames | Schedules and Gantt Charts.

  • Having a regular check-In routine | Linkage with Monthly Reflections.

  • Anticipating your obstacles | Contingency planning

Included in this Tutorial

Delivery, Duration and Investment Four week duration

On-Demand E-Learning Sessions [1 hour each week]

Five On-On-One coaching sessions [40 minutes each]

Class Collaboration Sessions [1 hour each]

Four week Tutorial Cycle from commencement.

$1,000.00 per person.

Want to know more or enroll?


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