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IT'S BUDGET TIME !!! Planning and insuring execution

The last unofficial weekend of the summer has passed, kids are back in school and this is the time of year when many organizations conduct their Strategic Planning and budget exercise. So we thought we would encourage our readers with some thought Starters … heading into the fall.

SWOT Analysis

It is always good for an organization to pause and reflect on its current business model. Typically many organizations conduct some sort of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) analysis. Hang onto those opportunities for a minute …

Value Stream Maps or Mapping

Hopefully, you still have an active Value Stream Map and it is not collecting dust in a corner. This is a good time to bring the team back together and do a review of your map. Determine if some non-value-added processes have snuck into your processes. Reassess your critical metrics to see if you are improving or staying static.

By visiting your map at least annually you may not have to track certain metrics on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. I remember a former boss who cancelled us collecting scrap data and recording it in a database. He said that our number had not changed significantly in 10 years and if we had good visual management in place we would quickly see if a process became corrupt. He was so right !!! We diverted several hundred labour hours dedicated to improvement instead of recording that we did make a difference that amounted to millions of dollars.

If you have not done a mapping exercise contact us about assisted facilitation, plus using us as your outside eyes … may uncover great opportunities. Typically the workshops that we facilitate show an opportunity return in a factor of 10 minimum.

Reflect on your map and then establish Big Hairy Goals (BHG)

BHG – Big Hairy Goals

Never … Never underestimate the power that lies within your organization. By looking at your opportunity list from your SWOT analysis … and the reflections from your Value Stream Maps begin to establish BHG in many categories.

The critical key is not to attempt to engineer a solution during the meeting or to dismiss any idea as being impossible … let your team and organization decide that and they have at

least a year to work on the concepts.

I remember while working at one company that we were absolutely horrible at being able to provide our clients with working prototypes (no 3D Printing either). So we worked on

our process and within a year we were able to offer our clients “From Thought to Touch anywhere in the world” ! AWESOME

BHG ...

So when establishing your BHG … only a minimum of a 50% improvement should be accepted like;

•Reduce Process Lead-time

•Set-Up Reduction

•Inventory Reduction

•Part Proliferation within a parent part

•Schedule re-fresh

•Start of Shift to first Production

•Etc … and do not forget o challenge your office processes.


Planning without action is a complete waste of time. We are a big fan of Hoishen Planning that takes those big ideas and makes them granular enough that gets everyone involved and engaged … here is a sample infrastructure design we provide to our clients;

Contact us if you need facilitated help to implement the infrastructure.


Some things you may want to add into your upcoming budget to advance your Team Members and your organization.

Kunst Solutions | E-Learning

We can tailor a program of E-Learning specific to you or your organization. Our E-Learning is a combination of synchronized, micro-Learning sessions combined with one-on-one office time with us (your instructors) plus the ability to share your Learnings through Class Collaboration. The best part, we accommodate your schedule and pace.

Kunst Solutions | Organizational First-Aid

For some fractional consulting and coaching book an online session through our website. This is also a great resource for your front-line leaders who may just need a bit of guidance or clarification. Solutions can be realized in a single session or multiple sessions over a period of time ... but we accommodate your schedule and pace.

Kunst Solutions | Solutions Store

Our Solutions Store, a unique service that provides custom physical solutions and process enhancers for the workplace. All Kunst Solutions are designed to help industry leaders improve processes in their organizations.

Finally, if you are planning on doing some Workplace Organization … think about budgeting anywhere from $4.00 to $16.00 per square foot … depending on how extreme you decide to go.


We do more than just blog. We're active Lean practitioners who would love to help you achieve your productivity goals.

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