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Ctrl, Alt, Delete ???

I am just pondering that with so many changes we have endured during the past couple of years in business maybe the best approach to change is just a simple "Ctrl, Alt, Delete"

As a reminder or in the very rare case that you do not understand this computer command ...

Ctrl Alt Delete, also known as Ctrl + Alt + Del, is a keyboard shortcut used on computers and laptops that, depending on the context, allows you to quickly restart your device or show a screen with some basic options

Why am I even suggesting this? During my many years in Manufacturing i have seen many companies get infected with "Adjustitus", Employees all with good intentions slightly making adjustments to a machine or a process that eventually it gets so out of whack the best solution is just simply do a "reboot" or revert back to "Center-lining" the machine. Then start over from a known datum to achieve your desired results, normally done with small incremental changes.

Our business world continues to pivot and we are starting to see some of the effects at the fringe. Both Wal-Mart and Amazon have made statements that they are now over-staffed ... so we ca mot likely see lay-offs as our consumers switch from e-commerce back to bricks and mortar shopping ... it has even extended into automotive with Ford just announcing it's plan to layoff 8,000 salaried workers.

So it may be time to do an Ctrl, Alt, Delete on your business to do a reboot and refresh. We also know that you have that product service or technology customers want ... but are you delivering it as a "Value Proposition?"

As you Re-Fresh start by capturing the Voice-of-the-Customer (VOC) as it relates to your business. This may seem obvious and overly simplistic, but believe me it is a worthwhile exercise and make sure you keep your work in a very visible location and refer to it often as business continues to pivot. To capture the VOC we suggest using CT Trees (Critical To Trees).

To make this even more effective make sure you define what you think is your ideal customer and compare that profile to your VOC. I even suggest speaking with existing clients to capture their insights on why they do business with you ... they may not like you but you fill a need that needs to be captured.

Next, map your delivery process. Make sure you map it as it is exactly happening now, no assumptions, no desires ... it is what it is. For this part of the exercise I am a raving fan of Enterprise Value Stream Mapping. Why? it goes beyond traditional Value Stream Mapping of identifying waste through the eyes of inventory and expands the optic to include just how "Complete & Accurate" your delivery morphs through your process.

REFLECT, Reflect, reflect and then ... reflect some more!!!

Why? We need to understand what is your process doing well (so we can keep that going). We need to understand how does your process satisfy the needs and desires of the customer identified within your VOC.

Then the opportunity for enhancement ... YIPPEE!!!!, what do we need to adjust to enhance our Customer desires and expectations (VOC) to make them Raving Fans . What process steps that are not adding value or enhancing our Customer's experience can we eliminate? Does our process provide an enriched environment for our Team Members where they feel empowered co-owners and co-authors of success?

Of course, you can denie the need to change and potentially lose customers and business, you could also sit in a corner or assume the pre-natal position under your electric blanket hoping the world returns to a normal that you can remember. Heck, you can even retreat to religious institute of your choice and pray for better days to come ...

For me ... Ctrl, Alt Delete provides the mechanism for us to define our destiny with attributes of our own choosing while dealing with the attributes as business continues to re-pivot. Ultimately you need these documents so you can remain Agile, Flexible and Focused on helping your Customer.


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