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Customer Service … rules of the game

  • Answer the phone. People are tired of endless voice message loops.

  • Call someone back. It could pleasantly shock a customer.

  • Create more interaction with customers.

  • Do not take customers for granted, it is too easy for them to switch.

  • Re-acquire customers. View each customer as one who is on the verge of leaving, and approach him as if he were new and had to be re-sold on your value.

  • When contacting customers who complain, make sure it is someone knowledgeable who calls them back.

  • Ask your customers what you could do better; they'll tell you if you listen. Determine what your customers want most. (Our research indicates that faster service and response are at the top of the list.)

  • Customer service has gotten so bad in many areas that even pretty good customer service might end up looking great.


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