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Let's plan your "Strategic Journey"

A successful Strategic Plan not only allows you to outline the direction that you want your business to take but also provides you the means to align your organization towards getting there.

Planning your vacation is fun and exciting.

Experiencing your vacation plan is exhilarating.

Reflections provide fond memories and new aspirations.

The same should happen with your Business Strategic Plan.

So.... We have developed a Tutorial Guide

  • Reflect on where you are.

  • Define your Destination.

  • Identify ways to get there.

  • Plan the journey.

  • Execute.

What is this Tutorial About?

1. Adding your stops into a detailed itinerary | Key milestones and Key Performance Indicators.

2. Sharing your journey and getting additional insights and encouragement | Advice from functional experts.

3. Finalizing your detailed journey | Policy Deployment [Hoshin Kanri] and A3 methodology for project management.

4. Guidance, Mentorship and Facilitation to insure a successful trip | Class collaboration, personal coaching.

5. Performance Review and Reflection on your accomplishments.

Included in this Tutorial

Delivery, Duration and Investment Four week duration

On-Demand E-Learning Sessions [1 hour each week]

Five On-On-One coaching sessions [40 minutes each]

Class Collaboration Sessions [1 hour each]

Four week Tutorial Cycle from commencement.

$1,000.00 per person.

Want to know more or enroll?

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